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Argentine Domains

1. How can I register a COM.AR domain?

To register a COM.AR domain, the registrant must have previously completed the validation process. If the registrant in question does not meet this condition, we can offer a Trustee Service by which the domain would be officially registered to NameAction.

Regardless of the status of the registrant, you can initiate the registrant process by logging onto your account, completing the registration form and submitting the order.

2. How is validation for users on the NIC.AR platform?

The local users (individual and legal Argentinian entities) may be re-validated from the 4th of July using their CUIT number and TAX Code level 3 (clave Fiscal Nivel) on the website of AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos – Federal Administration of Public Revenues): www.afip.gob.ar

The International users (foreign individual and legal Argentinian entities) have been re-validated directly by Nic Argentina without changing neither the username nor the password of the corresponding accounts.

3. What is the management platform for domain of NIC.AR?

From the 04th of July, NIC.AR will add its procedures to an only platform for distance governing procedures, this will require NIC.AR users be re-validated in the new system to register and manage their domains.

The new management platform of NIC.AR is fully operational since the last days of August 2016.

4. What documents must be submitted to initiate the validation of a registrant of COM.AR domains? (Foreign Companies)

The NIC will process a request for registrant validation upon receiving the following set of documentation, which in turn must be notarized, apostilled and accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish (where applicable):

a) A standard validation form, which must be printed on company letterhead and signed by a representative of the registrant organization.

B) Supporting documentation, which will be comprised of some combination of the following:

- A document that demonstrates that the signer of the aforementioned form is authorized to act on behalf of the registrant organization.
- A copy of the signer's passport or ID card.
- An official document containing details of any changes to company name, tax ID number etc. that have taken place since the registrant began managing domains with the NIC under the previous system.
- Copies of the registrant organization's Articles of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, or some other official document that contains the vital information of the organization.

As the NIC's previous domain management system is no longer active, it is NOT possible to perform administrative tasks for existing domains whose registrant is not yet validated. For this reason, assembling this group of documents is necessary not only to secure new domains under the company name, but also to manage domains that the organization has registered in previous years.

5. How should I begin the process of registrant validation?

Log onto your account and select the option Validation Argentinean Registrants from the Service Platform.

Next, complete the form with the necessary data, which will vary according to the classification of the registrant. Please be aware that the completion of this process will require gathering a specific set of documentation, which in turn will need to be notarized, apostilled and accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish (when applicable).

Our Domain Services Team will send a list of the necessary documents upon reviewing your request.

6. Is it necessary to translate documents into Spanish before they can be used for registrant validation?

NIC AR has specified that all documentation submitted as part of the registrant validation process must be written in Spanish. If the required documents are not available in Spanish, a certified translation is required.

Please note that if this condition is not met, the NIC will not process the validation citing their inability to review the documentation presented.

7. Is it possible to renew COM.AR domains if the registrant is not yet validated?

No, this is not possible. NIC AR requires that the registrant be validated prior to enabling domain management, which includes the submission of renewal orders.

8. Is it possible to modify the name servers of my .COM.AR domain although I am not re-validated in the new management platform?

No, NIC.AR will allow the modification of servers for domains whenever it is under a Validated Account. If you do not have this condition, you can use our Representation service.

9. How can I modify the nameservers of my COM.AR domain?

This can only be done after the domain's registrant has completed the validation process.

If the domain's registrant has been validated (includes Trustee domains), you can request the service of Modification by completing and submitting the corresponding form on our web platform. These requests will be promptly reviewed and processed.

What can I find in NameAction?

1. Does NameAction offer Trustee Services for TLDs with local presence requirements?

Yes. In these cases, NameAction or our local partners will represent the registrant for all necessary procedures that need to be performed with the respective registry. This includes specifying local company ID numbers, addresses etc. in order to satisfy a NIC requirement.

2. Who is the owner of the domains that I register?

Whenever possible, we register domains in the name of the owner specified on the registration request.

In the event that the fulfillment of the service request requires the use of a Trustee Service, our company or that of an associate will technically appear as domain registrant. However, this in no way affects the ownership of the domain or your ability to manage it.

Please be aware that these Trustee arrangements are commonplace in the domain industry and are used in some capacity by nearly all of the world's largest companies.

3. Is it possible to recover a domain that has been registered by another party?

The options available for this vary between countries/extensions, but in general terms consist of the following:

- Purchase Handling: Our multilingual team can attempt to contact the domain's current owner in an effort to negotiate a purchase. This service can be applied to domains of any extension.

- UDRP: Stands for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. This is a procedure developed by the organization that oversees all matters related to domain names and is handled by authorized dispute resolution centers in a number of countries. In general terms, this is the procedure to request the reassignment of a domain name whenever the TLD in question has not developed an alternative procedure (ex. Chile).

- Revocation: This is the procedure for requesting the reassignment of domains that applies only to the TLD .CL (Chile) and can be used if a party other than the current domain registrant feels that they have a greater right to the domain. If 30 days or fewer have passed since the domain was originally requested, it is still considered to be in the process of assignment and the guidelines for revocation are different from those that apply to domains registered less recently.

4. How can I associate my domain with a website or e-mail account?

Once the domain is registered with us, it will be necessary to find a hosting service. Once you have paid for hosting, the supplier of this service will then be able to provide you with a nameserver and IP (ex. dns.domaindame.com and Finally, you can associate these nameservers with your domain by locating the domain in your account, selecting it and requesting a service of Modification.

If you would like that we provide your company with hosting and e-mail service, please advise us of this via the Support Ticket system so that we can present you with the necessary information.

5. Can NameAction manage domains that I have registered elsewhere?

Yes. In order to request that NameAction assume the management of an existing domain, you can select the service of Transfer In on the control panel. In the space provided, place all domains that you wish to move into our management. In the event that there is information that we will need to consider in order to execute the service in accordance with your wishes, please indicate this in the Additional Comments field.

Once this form has been completed, click on the Request Transfer In button to display the forms that will need to be completed before we can begin working on the transfer. There are frequently costs associated with this service, which will be displayed after the necessary information has been provided.

6. I am interested in becoming a NameAction reseller. Do you have an API?

Yes. Becoming an API Reseller gives you access to special pricing, increased service automation and an specialized management system. Please contact us via Support Ticket if you are interested in this option.

7. How can I create an account?

On the top menu bar on our site, click on My Account and select the option "New Users." Next, select "Create Account" and complete the form that appears.

8. How can I recover my password?

Just click the Recover Password link to initiate the recovery process.

9. Methods of Payment

Prepayment: This model allows you to maintain a positive balance in your account, allowing services to be requested at any moment without entering payment date. It is a convenient option for user that tend to request a high volume of services.

Each month, we will send an itemized invoice detailing the services requesting during the billing period and the among the amount that has been deducted from your account.

To make the switch to a prepaid billing model, you will need to make an initial deposit of at least US$500 via wire transfer to NameAction. Once the transfer has been made, it is necessary to report this to us via Notify prepaid payment before the corresponding amount is credited to your account. Following is our bank information:



*** Once the prepaid account has been set up, you will be able to make use of your positive balance by selecting the option "Deferred Payment" at the moment you need to pay for a service or group of services.***

Credit Card: We can accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and American Express through a third-party payment gateway.

PayPal: We can also accept payments via PayPal, although an additional transaction fee is charged to cover the rates associated with this service. Please contact us via the Support Ticket System if you prefer this option.

10. How can I transfer domains between two NameAction accounts?

If you need to move domains between two accounts in our system, please advise us via Ticket. You will need to identify the usernames of both accounts that would be involved in the proposed operation as well as the domain(s) to be moved.

This procedure applies both to transfers concerning two accounts controled by the same company or individual, as well as situations in which a domain is passing from one domain administrator to another and both are clients of ours.

If you wish to assume the management of domains that are administrated with NameAction but do not have an account with us, the account creation process must be completed prior to requesting our assistance with an internal transfer.

11. How does the Support Ticket System work?

The Support Ticket System is designed to improve our Customer Service by allowing for a more efficient exchange of information regarding current and future service orders.

In order to access this tool, you will need to log onto your account and select the option Ticket , which is located on the main toolbar. There is also a link labeled "Contact Us" that leads to the same page.

Once you have accessed the Support Ticket System, please input a valid e-mail address and complete the required form. You will be asked to classify your inquiry using one of a few, broad categories. Finally, use the designated space to express your question, which in turn will be responded to within one working day.

In addition, the use of this tool will allow you to maintain a record of the conversations that you carry out with NameAction's Domain Service Team. This can be helpful for future cases of a similar nature.

12. How can I verify the rate of a given service?

You can locate this information on the "Information by Country" page, which is located at the bottom menu of our website.

13. How can I register a domain?

First select the service of Registration on the main toolbar. If you wish to register one domain, write the entire domain name (with the extension) and proceed with the availabilty check.

In the event that you wish to register the same name under multiple extensions (ex. myname.cl, myname.com.ar etc.), then write only the name of the domain without extension and select the countries/extensions under which you wish to register. This will lead to a bulk availability check, identifying whether this name is reserved or available under all extensions of interest.

To place a bulk registration order consisting of a mix of names and extensions, select the Bulk Registration option on the list of available services and write all complete domain names that you wish to register, one per line. This will lead to an availability check for all domains of interest. Once the results are displayed, make sure that each domain you wish to register is selected and click on the "Register Selected" button.

14. How can I renew a domain?

First select the service of "Renewal" on the main toolbar. This will display a list of domain that can be renewed. Next, click on each domain that you wish to renew by clicking on the corresponding button. You will then be directed to a form in which you will need to specify the desired renewal period.

15. How can I modify a domain?

First select the service of "Modification" on the mail toolbar. A list of domains will then be displayed, from which you will need to select those domains that need to be updated and subsequently click on the corresponding button. Forms will then appear requesting the pertinent information on the modification to be performed.

16. What other services do you offer?

NameAction offers a wide variety of domain services beyond registration, renewal and update. You can review a complete list and initiate orders by logging onto your account and selecting the "Additional Services" option on the main toolbar. Once you have located the desired service, just click on it to initiate the order process.

17. Where I can review my billing information?

You can find your billing date on the page My Account > My Data. Through this page, you can also access a form that can be submitted to modify and update this data as needed.

Nic Chile Domains

1. Do I need a local tax ID number to register .CL domains?

No. Beginning in December 2013, NIC CL is no longer requiring that domains be registered under a local tax ID number (RUT). However, if you do possess a valid RUT, we reccomend that you input this value when registering domains. This could serve to demonstrate a real connection to a local entity in the event that you ever needed to defend your interest in the domain, or if the NIC altered its policies in a way that led to increased relevance of the RUT.

2. Is it possible to associate more than one e-mail address with .CL domains?

No. Beginning in December 2013, each domain contact must necessarily correspond to an account previously opened with the NIC. As each account can only be associated with one e-mail address, it is not possible to include multiple mailboxes in domain contacts.

3. I received an "invitation" from NIC CL. What does this mean?

E-mails from NIC CL with the subject "Invitación a ser contacto" are sent when your e-mail address was specified by another party to appear among the contacts of a domain name. These e-mails contain instructions to approve this update.

In the event that you are unsure as to the reason that you have received this e-mail, we recommend that you inform our company via Ticket so that we can help clarify the reason. In any case, we highly reccomend looking into these matters further before taking an action that may impact the management of your domain.

4. How can I ask that an existing registration be revoked and reassigned to me?

Revocation describes the opportunity afforded to all parties that wish to challenge a recently-requested domain registration. This process must be initiated within the first 30 days after the domain has been requested. After starting this process, you will need to wait until the conclusion of the 30 day period to receive additional information on how you can proceed.

If you wish to exercise this option with the assistance of NameAction , log onto your account and select Additional Services > Revocation NIC CL and complete the form that appears.

5. How can I renew or otherwise begin managing domains that aren't in my account?

Log onto your account and select the option Services > Transfer In. Next, input all domains that you wish to bring under our management so that we might process the renewal. Depending on the extension, it may be necessary to input a code (AuthCode) before the service order can be submitted. It is also important to keep in mind that this service carries a fee for many extensions.

6. What should I do if I experience a technical issue while using your site?

We recommend that you make another attempt to access the desired section of our website by logging on to your account through a different browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.).

If the problem is persisent or affects only one function of the site, please report this condition via Ticket so that it can receive the necessary attention from our Technical Team.

Hosting Service

1. How do I access the control panel?

In the address bar of your browser, input the following URL:


Example: http://mywebsite.com:2082

At the login page, input the username and password that were sent to you in the service confirmation e-mail.

If you cannot remember your login information, please raise a Support Ticket.

2. How do I publish content to the web?

Using a HTML, PHP or ASP editor, you can construct a page from the ground up. There are also applications such as Dreamweaver that make this job much easier, although having programming knowledge will aid you in making good use of such applications.

If this is your first time designing a website, you can seek out content generation applications, which offer predesigned layouts and designs. Among the most popular such applications and those with the most resources available (both peer and professional) are WordPress and Joomla. Both of these applications are included in all hosting plans.

3. How to I upload files via FTP?

Using an FTP client (we reccomend Filezilla) after configuring a connection to your account.

- Domain’s FTP Address: This is the host or Server name that was sent to you in the service confirmation e-mail, bearing the format ftp.mywebsite.com. You can also use the alternative access route provided in this same e-mail.

- Username: This is the username associated with the FTP account.

- Password: This is the password associated with the FTP account.

- Port: Input the number 21.

4. Is there any type of content that cannot be hosted?

We do not place any limits on users’ website content, save for the following exceptions:

- Publication of content that can be deemed as illegal, abusive, defamatory, racist, offensive or any other content likely to generate complaints. This can take the form of photos, text, advertising banners or links to external websites.

- Publication, transmission, reproduction, distribution or other use of software containing viruses or containing any other harmful component.

- Publication of software or other material not of original authorship (pirated material) or otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights. This includes material and other resources about hacking or cracking.

- Providing the means to install any online gaming platform, either for resale or personal use (ex. Counter Strike).

In general terms, included in the category of prohibited material is any other information deemed by the company to be inappropriate. Use of services in an abusive manner will lead to the suspension or deletion of said services without warning and without the company accepting liability for any loss caused by this action.

5. Which applications are included?

You will find several programs available in your control panel, including the following:

- WordPress
- Joomla
- osCommerce
- Claroline
- phpBB
- Drupal CMS

6. Where can I get support for the applications included in the hosting package?

As these are third-party applications, support and training must be obtained either by the official channels offered by the developer or by directing inquiries to forums and other user-driven resources.

7. Which versions of software are available in Linux/Windows plans?

PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5
MySQL 5.1 and 5.5
phpMyadmin 4.0.8
Ajax Available
Apache 2.2 y 2.4
JavaScript Available
Python 2.4.3
Perl 5.10.1
ClamAv (Anti-virus) 0.98
Anti-spam Spamassassin 3.3.1

PHP 5.2 and 5.3
MySQL 5.1.69
SQL Server SQL Server 2000 / SQL Server 2005 / SQL Server 2008
phpMyadmin 3.4.4
.Net Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5
Ajax 1.0.61025.0 2.0 Ajax Extensions (AXExtensionsToolbox.dll)
IIS (Internet Information Services) 7.5
JavaScript Available
ClamAv (Anti-virus) 0.96.4
Anti-spam Spamassassin 3.2.5

8. What is web hosting service?

Web hosting service consists of renting space on a hard disk of a server with an internet connection, with the intention of housing web content and emails.

The better your hosting server, the better performance and response time your website visitors will experience.

9. How can I create a subdomain?

In the control panel, in the section Domains > Subdomains:

Clicking on "Create New", a pop up will appear asking you to name the new subdomain. The name selected will be followed by one of the domains in your account. Select the domain that you will use from the drop-down menu and proceed to generate a new subdomain. Example: blog.mywebsite.com.

Clicking on My Options, you will be able to determine to which address it should respond.

Unlimited features Hosting Service

1. Unlimited Disk Space

Shared web hosting services are specially-designed to house websites. The unlimited space is not for file back up, anonymous FTP, downloading services, file distribution services, security backups, maintaining copies of multimedia files (video, images, audio etc.), log files, among other activities that generate a high disk usage level. Users that purchase this service should take into consideration that any prohibited use of the service can cause suspension or cancellation of the product without prior warning.

Filed hosted in user accounts (images, multimedia, scripts, HTML, etc.) must have a direct relationship with the hosted website. We reserve the right to monitor the use of space with the purpose of detecting prohibited use.

Hosting a large number of files (more than 200,000) can have an adverse effect on server performance. Along the same lines, hosting accounts with databases (MySQL, SQLServer) with an excessive number of tables (databases with more than 500 tables) or that have an excessive size (more than 3 GB) negatively impact server performance. In these cases, we reserve the right to ask that the number or files, quantity of tables in one of more databases or the size be reduced so as to ensure the proper functionality of the services. Such decisions will be made on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to suspend service without prior warning in extreme instances.

Backup copies generated by the user via the control panel must later be downloaded. In addition, any hosting account that uses more than 5 GB of disk space will be exempted from our weekly backup system, with the exception of databases for which backups would still be created.

2. Transfer or unlimited traffic

Shared web hosting services are designed exclusively for websites and it is therefore prohibited to use them for the following activities:

IRC chat, streaming audio or video services, video channels, proxy sites or anonymizers, sites dedicated exclusively to content download, sites that allow third party users to upload photos, among other similar uses.

In most cases, a website is able to withstand as much traffic as can be acquired legitimately, in turn generating only as much transfer consumption. However, we reserve the right to limit processing time, bandwidth, process or memory in the event that such limitations are necessary to avoid a negative impact on the service provided to other clients that make use of the same server.

3. Unlimited databases

Hosting account with databases (MySQL, SQLServer) that have an excessive amount of tables (more than 500) or whose size exceeds 3 GB negatively affect server performance.

4. Unlimited storage for e-mail accounts

Each e-mail that is sent or received generates files in the server and those accounts with a large number of files (more than 200,000) can have an adverse effect on the server’s performance. In these cases, we reserve the right to ask that the user create a backup stored in a different server, specifying the number of messages that must be moved. In the event that these instructions are refused or ignored, we reserve the right to remove a certain amount of files (e-mails) so as to normalize service levels.

5. Unlimited amount of mailboxes

It is expressly prohibited to use the unlimited nature of the service to offer e-mail services to outsider parties. If the user wishes to offer such a service in the same manner as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! etc., they must first contact us so as to offer a plan better tailored to this specific need.

6. Unlimited FTP access accounts

We do not apply limits to the number of FTP accounts that the user can create or utilize, nor do we apply additional charges based on the number of such accounts that are created. This policy is contingent on the idea that use does not have a negative effect on the experience of other persons making use of the same server. For this reason, taking advantage of this characteristic to offer storage services to third parties is expressly prohibited, as is the use of FTP accounts directed at anonymous or guest users.

7. Unlimited parking and webforwarding

We do not apply limits to the number of domains that direct to a website (parking), nor do we apply additional costs based on how many sites are redirected. This policy is contingent on the idea that excess parking does not reduce the quality of service experienced by other persons making use of the same server.

This unlimited use is intended only to allow users to offer access to their website through multiple domains and any use unrelated to this objetive is expressly prohibited.

8. Unlimited subdomains

We do not apply limits to the number of subdomains that the user can create, nor do we apply additional charges base don the number of subdomains created. This policy is contingent on the idea that subdomain creation does not reduce the quality of service experienced by other persons making use of the same server.

In each of the above cases, misuse of the unlimited nature of components of the hosting package will be analyzed on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to suspend or eliminate accounts or content stored within them, with the objective of guaranteeing quality and uptime. Such actions can be taken with or without warning.

Upon purchasing hosting packages, the user declares that they have read and accept these policies.